To accord Priority to education as enshrined in our Constitution of India To inculcate among the students, the spirit of social amity, Religious tolerance and scientific temper. 

* To sensitize students to adhere to the values and standards set by our great leaders.

* To strike a proper balance between teaching and training to prepare students for the proper living in the society.

* To make students learn to live and to make them focus only on good living.

* To make students aware of the environment and to help in the welfare of our society.

* Last, but not the least to effect the desired transformation in the field of higher education with the’ help of modern digital technology.


To instill a spirit of full commitment and devotion among students to be good citizens of the country to serve the society for a better tomorrow. ‘’

“Tamso Maa Jyotir Gamaya” (Lead us from darkness’ to light ) is our prayer to God , the Almighty.